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Processing a Return in RICS
Processing a Return in RICS

Process a return from within the Run Free Platform

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Although most POS systems don't give us the ability to initiate a return via their API, RICS does. We call it an Easy Return.

Please note, easy returns only work if you use Stripe as your payment processor. If you aren't using Stripe, scroll down or click here for instructions on how to process a return with a different payment processor.

Easy RICS Returns from your Run Free Dashboard - BETA

If you use Stripe as your payment gateway, follow these steps to process a return entirely from within Run Free.

First, navigate to the Orders section as shown below:

Next, click the All tab to display your store's order history. From there, enter the order number in the Search Orders bar on the left.

Once you find the order you wish to process a return against, click the Action button (the down arrow to the right of the Amount column) and choose Refund & Return as shown below:

You will be presented with a modal that looks similar to the one pictured below:

All items in the order you chose will have checkmarks next to them. If you would like to return a partial order, please uncheck items as necessary.

As the warning label within the platform states, selected item(s) will be processed as returns once you click Execute Refund. You may also edit refund amounts as needed. The platform creates a guesstimate based on the contents of the order. But, if the order includes discounts, taxes, or shipping charges be sure to calculate the correct amounts and edit the refund total in the To Credit Card field accordingly.

If you would like to mark the order as Returned in Run Free, be sure the Mark Returned toggle is On.

Clicking Execute Refund will return stock to RICS and refund the customer via Stripe. This action cannot be undone.

Please note, executing this type of refund will create a new ticket in RICS. This is to be expected and is how RICS designed the return functionality in their API. For example, if you were to refund half of an order on Monday, then the second half of the same order on Wednesday, you would have two separate return tickets in RICS.

Processing Returns Manually

If you do not use Stripe, don't worry, you can still process a return in RICS with these three simple steps:

1. Refund the Customer via your Payment Gateway

Refer to your provider's documentation to determine the best method for refunding a payment. This action will be performed from within that payment provider's platform (such as Stripe), not within Run Free.

2. Process the Return in Your POS

Doing so will return the item to inventory for future purchase and record the return in your system of record. If you are a RICS customer, process the return as if it were an in-store return, but in the Ticket Header select Web Sale as the Sale Type as shown below. You can find the ticket number for a particular order on the Manage Orders page in the Run Free Platform.

3. Mark the Order Returned in Run Free

Finally, navigate to the Orders section of your Run Free Project admin dashboard. Once there, find the order you're processing as returned. On the right, next to the Amount column, click the actions arrow, then choose Mark as Returned as shown below:

That's it! Once these three steps are complete, your order has been successfully returned.


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