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Manage Orders

View, Ship, and Archive Orders

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Navigate to the Manage Orders Tab to view a full list of orders: 

Order Processing and Ticket Status

Order and Payment Processing
When a customer places a new order in your digital storefront, the order processing in the Run Free Platform and approval from the payment gateway are instant. The transaction is added to your orders page, and the customer, as well as any store members you've set up notifications for, will be sent an invoice with the full transaction details.

Inventory Processing: RICS CUSTOMERS: On the inventory side, the RICS portion of the order is ready and waiting in a polling cue for them to pick it up via their API. Sometimes it takes minutes, sometimes an hour or two. You can verify when this portion of the process either by checking the ticket number in RICS or by reviewing the status in the Ticket Number Column. There are two states: Awaiting and Sent. The later signifies RICS has processed the order removing the items from inventory and adding the transaction to the customer record.

Viewing an Order

To view an order, select "View" from the Action Menu to pop a receipt preview and optionally print or resend to the customer. This window will also provide useful fulfillment information in red text such as in-store pickup details and Relay vendor details on a per item basis.

Order Completion / Shipping

Once an order is received, marking a completion status is the final step. Using the action menu, selecting "Mark as Shipped" will pop the order completion modal. Here you'll be presented with a variety of options to finalize the order.

Shipping: Choosing USPS, UPS, or FedEx and pasting a tracking number will mark the order as complete and send an email to the customer with the tracking information. 

In-Store Pickup: Marking an order ready for in-store pickup will send an email to the customer with the store address notifying them their order is ready.

Complete Order - No Notification: This selection can be used for digital transactions that don't require shipping or pickup of physical goods, such as training programs or other online-only transactions.

Archiving an Order

This action can be used to remove a test order you no longer wish to see from your orders list. Be sure the ticket is voided in your inventory system as well. Use sparingly, as you will no longer be able to view the transaction from inside the platform.

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