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Finding an Order in RICs
Finding an Order in RICs

Learn Where You Can Find Platform Orders in RICs

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You can find orders from the Run Free Platform in multiple locations in RICs.

1. Via Reports

Completed online orders are automatically included in standard sales reports in the RICS Back Office Report Creator except:

· Sales Analysis
· Sales by Month
· Sales Journal

These reports will allow you to see store sales or web sales individually as well as together. 

To include online sales in the reports above, select Web Sale under the sale type area of the Report Options section.

2. Via The Ticket

You can view a ticket at any time in RICs via the System > POS Administration > Edit Ticket or Void Ticket. You can find the ticket number for a particular order on the Manage Orders page in the Run Free Platform.

3. Via The Customer Record

You can view a ticket anytime under the customer's purchase history in RICs.

4.  Via QuickBooks

Web sales would be transferred to QuickBooks the same way as store sales, on the batch and date on which the sale took place.

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