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Learn About Customer Account Settings, Order History, and More

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My Account Overview

When customers are logged in, they are able to access their account details at any time by tapping the "My Account" button in the upper right corner of any page. The My Account section has four main options: Editing Account Settings, Viewing Order History, Viewing FAQs & Returns, and Store Contact Email.

Account Settings

This area allows customers to change their default address and update their password. You also have the power to edit these settings for them on the Customer Details page on the platform.

Order History
This section allows customers with a purchase history to view recent order details, shipping status, and contact the store for a return. Learn how to edit the return details modal here.

FAQ & Returns
This section is pulled directly from the FAQ (frequently asked questions) & Returns page content area. Learn how to edit this content here.

Contact Us
This section links to the default store contact email set on the Store Settings page of the platform.

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