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Navigate to the Manage Customers Tab to view a full customer list of registered and imported users for your digital storefront. Use the tables action menu to view/edit a customer's details, reset their password, or archive their record. Archiving a record removes it from the customer listing in the Run Free Platform only, this action does not remove customer records from your primary system of record (your POS/inventory system).

Customer records can also be archived using the bulk actions menu.

Export Customer List in CSV for Marketing Platforms

Take your email marketing to the next level by exporting the e-commerce customer list for marketing automation platforms such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact. Simply click the "Export" button and the Run Free Platform does the rest.

Resetting a Customer's Password

Customer passwords are used by your customer to gain entry into their user accounts on the Run Free Platform to make purchases and view order history. You can reset a customer's password by using the tables action menu. Simply click Action, Set Password, then enter the desired password. Remember to let your customer know what their new password is!

View/Edit Customer Details

The customer details section includes the customer's editable fields for the customer First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone, Billing, and Shipping Addresses. The customer can edit these fields themselves in the "My Account" section of your digital storefront, or you can edit it for them using this page.

Importing a Customer to View History

We provide the option to import a customer from your inventory system to view their shopping history. Tap the "Import Customer" button and use the search either by name or email address. Then select the desired customer from the results and tap import.

App Notification Tags Groups (BETA)

Manually send push notifications to a specific group of customers using Tag Groups. Easily add tags to any customer individually or in bulk.

Adding a Tag to an Individual Customer

To add a tag to an individual customer, navigate to the customer list and search for the specific customer. On their profile page, just under their basic account information, you'll see a pod called Tags. Adding a tag is as simple as typing a new tag name in the field and hitting return, or selecting an existing tag group. A customer can have unlimited tags. They can also be easily removed by tapping the X on the tag pill.

Adding Tags to multiple customers at once

To add a tag to a group of customers at once, navigate to the customer's list and bulk select the customers you would like to tag. Using the bulk action dropdown, select 'Tag'.

Adding a tag is as simple as typing a tag name in the field. Tapping 'Add Tag' will add the tag group to all selected customers at once.

REMINDER: Push notifications delivery time, and success varies considerably based on a customer's operating system, device type, and user notification settings. We can submit to the OS's notification service but can't guarantee time or receipt.

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