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Manage Store Settings

Edit Storewide Settings and Integrations

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Navigate to Settings > Store Settings to manage store-wide preferences and integrations.

General Branding Settings

This section controls your digital storefront's basic branding settings such as primary and secondary colors, and logo. If you're looking to change your store's look and feel for a holiday or event, use the color selector to edit your store's pallet on the fly using the built-in color selector tools. You can also swap your logo by selecting a new file for upload. The recommended logo image pixel count is listed as 500px x 100px.

Shop Settings

This section contains basic site-wide settings. Easily edit how your store's name, website, and support email address appear throughout your digital storefront. You can also edit your stores mini-return policy, which appears just below the category filters on the shop page.

We also have a small section of store-level toggles:

Hide Out of Stock Items: Toggle on this option to automatically remove from sale any SKUs which are out of stock.

Hide By Default: Toggle on this option to "Hide By Default" any SKUs pushed from your inventory system since your last log in. This will prevent items from showing up in your storefront before you approve the content. Just toggle or bulk edit the SKUs in the Item Library to display for sale when you're ready.

Allow For In-Store Pickup: If this is turned on, it allows customers to select in-store pickup for any item as opposed to shipping.

Shipping Preferences

This section contains site-wide shipping settings. 

Shipping Calculation: Choose your preference for shipping calculation by selecting either Flat Rate or USPS.

Flat Rate: This selection uses the amount entered in the Flate Rate field in this shipping preferences section plus the Addt. Shipping Cost set in each shipping template per item. The Addt. Shipping Cost from the shipping templates will apply on a per item basis. For example, if you set the flate rate at $5.00 and your customer buys two items, each with an Addt. Shipping Cost value of $5.00, the total shipping for that order will be $15.00.

If you toggle on the Flat Rate is Order Based toggle in the lower part of this shipping preferences section, the flat rate calculation will ignore the Addt. Shipping Cost from the shipping templates. For example, with Flat Rate is Order Based toggled on, if you set the flate rate at $5.00 and your customer buys two items, each with an Addt. Shipping Cost value of $5.00 in the shipping templates, the total shipping for that order will be $5.00.

USPS: This selection uses the size, weight, and customer's address to auto-calculate the shipping cost using the USPS calculation engine.

Free Shipping Threshold: Toggle this option on to set a free shipping threshold, which will remove all shipping charges once the order total surpasses the dollar amount you specify. When activated, a message will be displayed on the shop and item detail pages of your digital storefront advertising the perk.

International Shipping: Toggle this option off to disallow shipping outside the United States.


This section contains integration credentials and tokens for your inventory system and payment gateway. While you will likely never need to edit this section, we expose it to make switching credentials easier for future updates.

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