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Your Store Layout and Overview

Learn about the Shop Page, Filters, and Item Details

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Shop Layout

Your digital storefront is designed to follow e-commerce best practices and is fully responsive, adjusting page content for any device size, which empowers your customers to shop from anywhere, anytime.

The shop page itself is broken into three main sections: the Navigations/Header Bar, Filter Column, and Item Results.

Filter Bar

Global Search: Customers can use this wild card search field to sort by brand, item name, and description.

Applied Filters: This visual grouping of applied filters allows for quick results at a glance. They can be individually cleared, or all at once. 

Brand Filter: Customers can easily filter by a brand for quick refinement. Note: only brands with items marked "Show On Site" will show as a selection option.

Category Filters: Category filters are a great way to guide your customers to what they're searching for faster. Categories can be individually, or bulk assigned to any item in the Item Library. Categories can also be "Hidden" should you so choose.

Size / Width Filters: This allows customers to filter results based on a specific size and/or width.

Mini-Return Policy: This small text area is editable on your Store Settings Page. Space for a more detailed FAQ (frequently asked questions) and Returns Policy is available to edit on the Mange Content Page.

Featured Items: Use this area to highlight items for customers with higher visibility. Items can be toggled as "featured" on the Item Details Page.

Item Details Page

Tapping on any item will bring you to the item details page containing pertinent details like the Brand Name, Item Name, Price, Description, Color, and Size selector. Also prominent is a sizable image gallery that will auto-animate through uploaded product photos. Additionally, users have the option to share a link to social media. 

Ship to Me or In-Store Pickup

After the customer selects their desired size they are presented with two options: Shipping to a location of their choice, or in-store pickup. Better yet, for those of you with more than one location, they can select your location that has it in stock closest to them. We even display the number available at each location.


As with all things RICs inventory-related, we are beholden to the whims of their API. You may recall they asked each of you to choose a "Main" store for your web sales to be recorded when setting up your API token. While working with them to set up the above feature, we were informed that all sales, no matter where it's in stock, will be pulled from stock at this main store. They ask that you, the store, then transfer the inventory from the other store to make up for the stock. Now that we understand this, we think we can help you understand each order better on our platform via the order receipt. The store(s) that have it in stock are displayed on all order receipts. This will help to inform you where to transfer the stock from.  If you have any questions on the above, please feel to reach out to us and we will explain in greater detail.

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