Abandoned Cart Workflow in Klaviyo

This guide walks through setting up Klaviyo's Abandoned Cart Workflow

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Once your Klayvio / Run Free Integration is configured, you're able to set up custom flows like Klaviyo's Abandoned Cart Workflow. Follow these instructions to utilize Klaviyo's Flow Library to increase e-commerce revenue and personalize communication with your customers.

  1. Find the 'Flows' Navigation option on the left-hand menu, then on the flows page, tap 'Browse Ideas.'

  2. On the 'Browse Ideas' page, tap 'Prevent lost sales.'

  3. On the 'Prevent Lost Sales' page tap 'Abandoned Cart Reminder.'

  4. In the Abandoned Cart Reminder modal, optionally edit the name, add any tags, and tap 'Create Flow.'

  5. Your Abandoned Cart Workflow is now set up. Customize any details you like, such as wait time or email styling. Or add additional actions.

You can find more detail on flows and flow setup from Klaviyo Here

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