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Easily Integrate Your Klaviyo Account for Marketing Automation

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This guide walks through enabling Klaviyo tracking for customer, product, and order data. Adding and configuring this integration is simple. Looking for instructions to set up your abandoned cart workflow? Check them out here.

What is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is a global technology company that provides a marketing automation platform used primarily for email and SMS marketing.

How Run Free's Klavyio Integration Works

When enabled, Run Free's Advanced Klaviyo integration pushes customer, product, activity, and order data from the Run Free Project platform to your Klaviyo account. Run Free will send these events once a customer's identity has been registered. Customer identity is registered automatically in the following ways:

  • By signing up for a new account in your Run Free e-commerce store

  • By signing into their existing account in your Run Free e-commerce store

  • By filling and submitting a Klaviyo-generated form

  • By clicking on URLs in emails from your Klaviyo campaigns

When customer identity is registered, the following events are sent from Run Free to Klaviyo:

First Name Last Name




Contact Consent

Active on Site

Viewed Product

Add to Cart

Started Checkout

Placed Order

Data from on-site event triggers and the optional product catalog integration gives you the ability to use Klavyio's pre-built workflows, such as product recommendations and abandoned cart follow-up. Plus, a whole lot more.

Let's get started.

How to Integrate your Klaviyo Account

In the Run Free Platform, Navigate to Settings > Integrations. Select Klaviyo from the tabs on the left-hand side of the screen. Toggling the integration 'On' will reveal three key pieces of information you'll need to configure your Klavyio account.

The first two are your Public and Private Access Tokens, needed to send customer shopping activity to Klaviyo.

The third is your store's Catalog Feed URL which you can (optionally) use to import your store's products directly into Klaviyo for customer recommendations.

Keeping this window open makes it easy to access and paste in future steps.

Retrieving your Klaviyo Access Tokens

Log in to your Klaviyo account. If you don't already have one, they are free, and you can sign up here. Once logged in, Select your user name from the admin menu in the lower left of the screen, and choose the 'Integrations' link from the menu.

Next, on the Integrations Page, tap 'Developer Tools' in the upper right.

Next, on the Developer Tools Page, tap 'Manage API Keys' in the upper right.

Next, on the API Key's Page, you'll see a field containing your store's 'Public API Key.' Copy and paste this key into the matching 'Public API Key' field for the Klaviyo integration on the Run Free Platform's integration's page.

Next, tap 'Create Private API Key' in the middle right of the same screen to generate your private key.

Next, enter a name for your Key, something like 'Run Free Project Key', then under 'Select Access Level' select 'Full Access Key', and tap create.

Doing so will create your private key to copy and paste into the matching 'Private Token' field on the Run Free Platform Integrations page.

Setting up the Klaviyo Product Catalog

Create a product feed in Klaviyo in order to use product recommendations in your messaging. Product feeds take in data from your product catalog and customer behavior (e.g., the products they’ve viewed or purchased in the past) and use this information to provide custom product recommendations for your customers and prospects.

To add an optional product catalog, select Content > Products, then tap 'Manage Custom Catalog Sources' in the upper right.

Next, on the Custom Sources Page, tap Add New Source

Next, on the Create Page, enter 'Run Free Project' as the Source Name. Then copy and paste your source URL from your Run Free Project Integrations Page and tap 'Define Source.'

After validating your source URL, Klaviyo will present you with a 'Configure Field Mapping' option. Your Run Free Feed Titles purposely match the Klavyio fields; that said, be sure the fields are matched correctly and tap save. The feed can be refreshed at any time by tapping refresh sync.

After your Feed has completed syncing, you should see your items on the product page.

For troubleshooting or more information on setting up workflows or other automations, please refer to Klaviyo's Documentation Library.

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