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POS Location Intricacies

Which location does inventory get pulled form and do sales get recorded?

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Which location is inventory pulled from for orders?


Rics always pulls inventory from the "main" location regardless of whether we send a location (when a customer does in-store pickup) or whether we leave the choice to RICS (when the customer chooses ship, we don't send a location, we let the POS choose). The main location is set in RICs.


Pulls the inventory from the "in-store pickup" location if the customer chooses that option, but when the customer chooses ship, the POS will pull from a "main" location.


Heartland has a lot of advantages over other POS systems, their order-to-invoice 2-step order fulfillment process isn't a single step as it is with other POS. Here's a quick refresher on what those are and how they work.

When a customer places an order online, that information is processed by Heartland to create an 'order.' This essentially places the stock in a 'committed' hold status and removes it from sale. Then when the store marks the Order as fulfilled or 'Complete' in Run Free, it sends a command to Heartland to fulfill and convert the Order into an invoice, locking it in. Alternatively, a store can choose to override the Order in Heartland; adjusting the store, they're going to pull inventory from for each item and manually fulfilling the Order, converting it to an invoice if they wish. Until an order is converted to an invoice and marked complete, it will not appear in financial reports.

While the above is great if you'd like to override inventory, it's a problem if you would like to use Run Free's Automation to complete the Order and Invoice from multiple locations in a single step. Like the RIC's limitation listed above, Heartland's API doesn't support it. They simply ignore our request to invoice both locations in the same invoice and create a single invoice for the items being pulled from the main location instead. It's a known issue we've talked to Heartland, with no API change on the horizon. They recommended the following manual step to fulfill.

Fulfilling Multi-Location Orders with Heartland and Run Free:

Step 1: Mark the order 'Fulfilled' in Run Free: This will move the Order to complete status in Run Free, send the shipment email to the customer, and use the API to send a call to Heartland, converting the Order to and Invoice for the Ridgefield stocked items.

Step 2: Mark the Order fulfilled in Heartland: Navigate to the 'Sale Orders' Page. Tap the fulfill button. Tap 'invoice' next to the Order you would like to fulfill, which includes the Darien items. They'll generate a preview of the invoice; tap 'complete.' Doing so will finalize the invoice, and the process is over.

That's it. It's not ideal, but it's currently the only way for multi-store fulfillment. Heartland doesn't care what order you complete these steps in, either. If it's easier to just mark the whole order for BOTH locations fulfilled and complete in Heartland first and generate one invoice, that's fine. Then swivel over to Run Free to mark fulfilled, which essentially just sends the email to the customer at that point; since the other has already been fulfilled in Heartland, they just ignore the call. Either way is fine.

Which location are sales recorded?


One location where sales are recorded is set in RICS.


One location where sales are recorded is set in Run Free.


One location where sales are recorded is set in Run Free. Most stores set up a specific online or e-commerce location in Heartland for all online sales to be recorded for reporting.

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