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Mobile App Integration with Strava
Mobile App Integration with Strava

A Guide to Tracking Mileage with Strava in your Running Store App

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NOTE: Mileage tracking with Strava is not required to participate in Frozen Feet.

Latest Activity Not Showing Up? Strava's connection to your running store's app is a "pull" service, meaning there has to be a request from the running store's app to Strava to get an updated list of your activities. The running store's app will automatically update by periodically requesting new activities from Strava on its own. However, if you want to "force" it to check for new activities in Strava, simply click on the synced miles or log miles icon in the running store's app. Then, on the mileage detail screen, pull to refresh.

Strava is the most commonly used activity tracking app on the market today. It's so popular because it easily integrates with a wide variety of devices and it provides a social component to keep you motivated. If you use any of the following devices/apps to track your activities, or if you plan to track mileage manually, we suggest using Strava to ensure your activities pull to the running store app automatically:

Unlike Rewards points, Mileage IS NOT accrued and stored by your running store app. It is based entirely upon the activity you've logged in Strava. The running store app will display mileage from activities you logged in Strava beginning on the day you created your account in the running store app.

Activities you logged prior to your running store app account creation date will not pull over.

This is done so that if you change devices, choose to migrate your mileage tracking to another platform, or otherwise make a change, you can do so without losing mileage or duplicating workouts.

Please note, if you connected Strava to your running store app in the past but recent miles aren't pulling over, it may be necessary to re-authenticate inside of your running store app.

Setting up Mileage Sync with Strava

  1. Install the Strava app on your Apple or Android device, then login to it (or login using your device's web browser)

  2. Open your running store app and login to your account there as well

  3. On the running store app home screen, tap either of the two mileage icons circled in red on the screenshot below

  4. On the next screen, tap 'Connect with Strava'

  5. You will be transferred to back to your Strava app to Authorize Access. If you logged into Strava using your web browser in #1 above, you will be taken there.

    Be sure both boxes are checked to allow access! If they aren't, your miles will not be pulled from Strava.

    Tap to authorize access.

  6. After authorization, applicable activities will be pulled in and listed with the date, time, and mileage per instance. Remember, activities taking place prior to your running store app account sign up date will not display in your Mileage Log.

Manually Adding an Activity in Strava

Manually adding a workout is an easy way to record mileage without having to carry your phone or use an external device like a smart watch. To do so, follow Strava's instructions at this URL.

Recording an Activity in Strava without a Smart Watch or Tracker

Many people record their activities in Strava by using Strava's built-in record feature (as opposed to connecting to a smart watch or 3rd party tracking app such as Garmin Connect). To record an activity in Strava, follow Strava's instructions at this URL.

Troubleshooting & Notes on Strava

Common questions & answers to them.

Why aren't my Runs Syncing?

As with any third-party app integration, there can be a host of reasons new runs may not appear. Please review the best practices below to ensure your activities meet the criteria.

  1. Fetching New Runs: Strava does not 'push' new workouts to the app, they have to be fetched. If you are having trouble syncing new runs try the following:

    1. Use the 'pull to refresh' on the miles screen to call the server for the latest runs.

    2. Try quitting the app and relaunching it.

    3. Try tapping the red 'log out' on the top of the mileage page and reauthenticating with Strava. Occasionally, Strava will roll or expire access tokens for security reasons. Doing so will establish a fresh token and session and your activities will update.

  2. Run Dates: Miles will ONLY be pulled in from either the customer's sign up date for the rewards program or the app rewards/mileage live date. Whichever is sooner. This is purposeful so years of activities aren't imported, making total mileage levels easier to track and achieve.

  3. Workout Types: Strava has 100+ different workout types available to record exercise activities. ONLY type Run and Walk are synced from Strava into the app. All others will be ignored, as fake mileage can scam achievement levels.

  4. Private Account: Be sure your account type is set to Public in Strava. Strava's API will not allow syncing of private Runs to other applications.

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