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Relay - How to Prepare (Heartland Users)
Relay - How to Prepare (Heartland Users)

For better reporting setup a New Brand and SKU in your POS

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The beauty of Relay is all item listings are complete with Brand, Name, Photos, Price, and Description right from the start. Just toggle on the SKU's you'd like to list, add any custom categories, and the listings will instantly appear in your store.

Since these are virtual inventory items and don't exist in your POS, we've engineered a way to feedback any sales into your POS system via a variable SKU we'd like you to create. Unlike our competitor, which requires you to enter each sale in the POS manually, this feature allows your virtual transaction to be included in the daily sales report and added to the customer record as a ticket for future reference. To prepare for this, we ask you to create a new Vendor and SKU in your POS System.


Brand: Run Free (Set to Sellable Online)
Price: $0
Category: Footwear
Qty: 1,000

This setup will allow the Platform to add a Relay Line item in the receipt and inject the item's price and details in the comment field for future reference.


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