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Enabling Apple Pay & Google Pay - Stripe Customers Only
Enabling Apple Pay & Google Pay - Stripe Customers Only

How To Give Your Customers the Option of Apple/Google Pay

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Giving your customers the option of Apple/Google Pay, is an easy way to give them another payment option during the checkout process. Run Free's new feature gives Stripe users the ability to turn on and off Apple/Google Pay for their customers.

To activate the Apple/Google Pay feature, you will login to your Run Free dashboard, click the gear icon on the top right corner, and choose "Store Settings" from the dropdown menu. That will navigate you to a page where you will see a toggle labeled "Allow Apple/Google Pay" on the ride side. Click this toggle and it will turn on. That's it! Your customers will now have the ability use Apple/Google Pay for their purchases!

At checkout, your customers are guided to a payment screen where they will see either Apple Pay or Google Pay as an additional payment option. If they are shopping from an Apple device or search engine (ex. Safari) they will see the Apple Pay option. If they are shopping from a Google device or search engine (ex. Chrome) they will see the Google Pay option.

The order will show up on your Stripe dashboard, just like any other order. If you need to return an item for an AfterPay customer, you will process the return just as you would any other returned order.

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