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Processing a Return in Lightspeed
Processing a Return in Lightspeed
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Although every POS system doesn't give us the ability to initiate a return from within Run Free (via their API), you can still process a return with these three simple steps.

1. Refund the Customer via your Payment Gateway

If you're a Stripe Customer follow the instructions below. If you use another payment gateway, refer to your provider's documentation.

In Your STRIPE Dashboard

  1. Find the charge to be refunded in the Payments Overview page.

  2. Click the ••• icon to the right of the charge and select Refund charge.

  3. Enter the amount to be refunded. The default is a full refund. For a partial refund, enter a different amount to be refunded.

  4. Select a reason for the refund. If you select Other, you must provide an explanatory note that is attached to the refund.

  5. Click Refund.

  1. From the POS - Click the “Menu” button (the button with the three lines on the top left corner of the screen) to open the left menu panel.

  2. Click the “Find Ticket” button on the left menu panel.

  3. Search for the original transaction by ticket number or customer name

  4. Click the “Return” button.

2. Process the Return in Lightspeed

Log into Lightspeed. In the "Refund" tab of the sale, select the item(s) to refund in one of the following ways:

  • Clicking: Click "Refund" to the left of the item description. The original quantity purchased is automatically entered. If required, adjust the quantity of the item(s) to refund by entering your desired negative quantity.

  • Scanning: In the "Item" field, scan the item(s) until you see your desired negative quantity.

3. Mark the Order Returned in Run Free

Finally, navigate to the Orders section of your Run Free Project admin dashboard. Once there, find the order you're processing as returned. On the right, next to the Amount column, click the actions arrow, then choose Mark as Returned as shown below:

That's it! Once these three steps are complete, your order has been successfully returned.

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