Setting Up Gift Packs

Selling Multiple Items in One Purchasable Package

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Setting up Gift Packs in your Run Free Store is as easy as creating some new SKUs in your POS, adding a photo and description, and toggling online.

Step 1: Add the Gift Packs in your POS:

Get started by creating some new SKUs in your POS. Let's use the example below from Ridgefield Running, who made four different gift packs for High School Runners. Each pack contained a different color Hydroflask, Hat, and Garmin SmartWatch. To begin, create 4 different SKUs, one for each color option (HSR 1, HSR 2, ETC). Then set a price, create a category for "Gift Packs," and add inventory. When you're done, your POS will push the new SKUs to the Run Free Platform and available under the incomplete tab for the final step.

Brand: Ridgefield Running
Price: $249
Category: Gift Packs
Qty: 10

Step 2: Complete set up on the Run Free Platform:

Now that the SKUs are visible on your Run Free Platform. Let's add some MetaData. Add a photo and a description of your gift pack. Verify the color, price, and category are listed correctly. If not, free to make any edits as needed in Run Free or create and add any additional categories. If your gift pack has more than one color or option, group the like SKUs by making the item names the same, either individually or using the bulk edit action on the inventory list. Last, verify your toggle for "show on-site" is in the on position. That's it. Just Tap the view in the Store button in the upper right to preview your gift pack in the store. Happy Selling!

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