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Learn How to Add and Edit Brand Specific Details

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Brands filters play an essential role in a customer's e-commerce journey. We've added a host of features to optimize this experience and meet brand-specific requirements.

Navigate to Products > Brands to add and edit brand-specific details. All listed brands are synced from your inventory system. In the case of RICS, they must be "Marked Sellable Online" to be pushed to the platform.

View Brand Specific URL

It is common to run marketing campaigns for a specific brand. In the Run Free platform, we've optimized the customer-facing search function for speed, but sacrificed static URLs by default for search results.

However, static URLs for specific brands do exist, and are accessible in this section of the platform. Simply tap the Action arrow to the right of the brand you'd like to get the link to, and tap "View" in the dropdown list as shown below.

You will be redirected to a front end view of the brand page (from the customer's perspective). The URL of that page is the static reference to that brand. Simply copy it from the browser's URL bar and paste wherever you need to directly link to the brand.

Editing Brand Specific Details

Select edit in the action menu, to pop the Brand Detail Modal. As all brand names are imported directly from your inventory system, the brand name field is locked by default. Due to this, we added a masking feature, which will overwrite how the name appears in your digital storefront. 

Branding Image

Several brands requested the ability to add a branding image. When uploaded, a custom header is displayed when the brand is used as a search filter. Recommended Size: 1600px x 600px.

In-Store Pickup Only

Toggle on for the entire brand to display In-Store Pickup only message in the item view and at checkout. Doing so will remove shipping costs for the item and display the pickup address on invoice and email.

In-Store Purchase Only

Toggle on to mark this Brand In-Store Purchase Only. Doing so will still display the item in your storefront, along with in-stock quantities dropdown, but will replace the Add to Cart button with an In-Store Purchase Only message.

Move/Reassign a Brand's Items

If you want to move all items within a brand to another, you can use the Action > Move feature to accomplish this. For example, if your inventory system has "Brooks" and "Brooks Sports" brands, and you want to move all of the items under the Brooks brand to Brooks Sports to streamline and polish filtering and digital storefront user experience, you would select Action > Move Brooks, and choose Brooks Sports from the dropdown. This will reassign all items and delete the Brooks Sports brand once complete.

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