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Why are some RICS SKUs are not showing up on my Run Free Inventory Page?
Why are some RICS SKUs are not showing up on my Run Free Inventory Page?

Is your Item "Marked Sellable Online" in your RICS Console?

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The number most common reason is they are not set as "Sellable Online" in RICS. Keep in mind we can only display SKUs that RICS "pushes" to us. If this toggle is turned off for a particular brand or SKU, we won't know it exists on our end.

Here's how to double check in RICS. "Only brands that the retailer has designated as sellable online. The process of enabling additional brands is outlined here in our E-Commerce Training Guide.  The process you’re looking for is under ‘Option 1’ of the ‘Manage Ecommerce Catalog’ section.”

After toggling this option on be sure to allow up to 24 hours for RICS to push us the new SKUs.

I double-checked and these SKUs are marked "Sellable Online" in RICS, but they still aren't showing up in my virtual storefront. Now what?

A less common, but possible scenario is your SKUs may have been inadvertently deleted by one of your users in the Platform. Don't stress. The “deleted” status is just a hide or archive flag, designed to let you delete items you know you'll never have in stock again. We'll be adding a feature in the future to allow you to view “deleted” SKUs and restore them if needed. For now, we're happy to double-check manually for you. Just email a list of missing SKUs to, and we'll dig into it.

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