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Learn about the Sign up, Login, and Password Reset Process

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Sign Up

New customers can choose to sign up by tapping the "Sign Up" button at the top of every page, or will be prompted to create an account during the checkout process. We require the basic credential properties of First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Password Creation. We also give the option to opt-out of store contact emails. Learn how to swap the background photo on your sign up page here.
Example Signup Link:

Upon successful completion of the form, the customer is presented with a "Thank You" message and encouraged to continue shopping and/or check their email for a confirmation.

PRO TIP: To avoid duplicate account creation in your inventory system, encourage customers with in-store purchase history to sign up using the same email they have on file with you already. Doing so will automatically associate their in-store account history with their new online account.


Current customers login by tapping the "Login" button at the top of every page. When the login screen appears, it will also feature a password reset link, which will send a new password to their email address if valid. ย 

PRO TIP: Some email or domain providers have stringent spam policies that may inadvertently block password reset emails. Should the customer email reset not arrive, you can reset their password for them on the Manage Customers page of the platform.

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