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Ship Station Integration
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1. Create a Ship Station Account

To Create a Ship station account go to this page and follow their signup/setup instructions here:

If you do already have a ship station account, skip to step #2.

2. Get your API Key and API Secret

If already have an API Key and API Secret for your ShipStation account, skip to step #3.

To create a Ship Station API Key & Secret go to your account settings by clicking the gear button on your Ship Station dashboard:

From there select the Account → API Settings options from the left side menu

You should then be taken to the API Settings page where you should find your API Key & API Secret at the bottom:

3. Copy API Key & Secret to your Run Free integrations page

In a new browser tab/window, login to your run free admin account and go to your integrations page:

Once on the Integrations page, click the “SHIP WORKS” option from the left side menu and then toggle the switch in the center page to “On”

Once ShipStation is enabled, enter the ShipWorks API Key and API Secret from step #2 in their respective fields. Then click the SAVE button at the top.

Congrats! You’ve successfully integrated your Run Free store with ShipStation!

Now each time an order is entered in your system it will also forward to Ship Station and you can go there to the Orders page to manage your shipments. You can find more info about managing orders in ship station on their website here:

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