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How to use the Run Free Api in your dev environment.

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First and foremost, get an API access token for your store or the store you are working with. Make sure to provide the Bearer token when making the request

You can request access to a store by filling out this form.

The Api provides quick and easy access to customer information via the following REST calls.

(If you are familiar with postman you can download the postman definition)

Query Customers



All parameters are optional.

page = will dictate which page of data to return

total = how many items to return (max 100)

filter = a simple query that will match names and email*

sort = sort by any of the property names

sortType = ASC or DESC for ascending or descending

*more elaborate filtering is available

Get Customer Details



Get the details for a particular customer including how many miles they have recorded, what events they have attended and their order history

Remember, we monitor Api connections so be sure to not abuse the amount of calls you make each day.

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