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Shipping Easy Integration
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Step 1: Register a shipping easy account
- Navigate to

Step 2: Connect to the ShippingEasy API

Step 3: Connect Your Store URL
- Make sure to select ShippingEasy API for the Store Platform
- Enter your runfree website address for the Store URL

Step 4: Confirm Your Store Settings
- Confirm your store name and shipping address, then click Confirm and Connect

Step 5: Select a default label layout

Step 6: Add Shipping Carriers
- If you have an existing UPS account you would like to link check the checkbox above the "Continue" button

Step 7: Enter Billing Information
- Enter your Billing Address and Credit Card info to associate with your ShippingEasy account.

Step 8: Finish your account creation
- Once you've confirmed your billing information, click the Finish Account Setup button

Step 9: Navigate to the API Credentials page
- Select Settings from the left side navigation and the click the API Credentials link

Step 10: Find Your API Key and API Secret

Step 11: Enable ShippingEasy in your Run Free Store Settings

Step 12: Enter Your API Credentials in the ShippingEasy Integration settings

- Enter The API Token from Step 11 in the ShippingEasy Token input field
- Enter the API Secret from Step 11 in the ShippingEasy Secret input field
- Enter the Store API Key from Step 11 in the ShippingEasy Store Token input field
- Once you've entered all the required fields, Save your store settings

Congrats! You've Now Linked your Run Free Store to ShippingEasy!! When new orders come in, you will now automatically see them show up under the Shipping section of your ShippingEasy dashboard:

Manually Send Orders to Shipping Easy:

If you want to manually send an order over from your Run Free store to Shipping Easy, you can do this via the Orders page from your Admin portal. There is now a "Send to Shipping Easy" option for bulk, and single order actions:

For More information on how to manage orders from your ShippingEasy dashboard, visit:

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