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Getting Started and Setup

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Step 1: Create a shippo account

To create a Shippo account go to and enter your name, email, and password information. Then click the “Get Started” button.

Step 2: Account Details

On the next page, enter the account details about your business, then click “Next”

Enter the required fields in the “Your Info” section of the signup process.

*Note: For the question “Which best describes your business needs” make sure to select the option that says “Shipping goods via API”

Select “Save & Continue”.

Next, Shippo will ask you to enter your shipping preferences:

Select “Save & Continue”

Once your account is created and you are logged into the application you can move on to generating an API token.

Step 3: Generate an API token

Once you’ve entered your account information and signed into the Shippo app, go to the API section of the dashboard by clicking the “Settings” link from the left side navigation menu, and then click “API”.

Then on the main screen click the button that say’s “Generate Token”

You should then see a popup with the auth token displayed. Copy that token to your clipboard.

Step 4: Set the auth token on your Run Free “Store Settings” page

Once you have your Auth token from Shippo, go to the “Store Settings” page in your Run Free Account and find the toggle button labeled “Enable Shippo”

Set the toggle to “On”

Once Shippo is enabled, scroll down to find the Shippo Settings pod. There you can enter the API Auth Token generated in Step 3

Step 5. Select a default shipping method

Underneath the Shippo Token input, there are 2 drop downs. Here you can select your default carrier and the default shipment type for that carrier.

*Note: You will need to integrate your carrier account with shippo in order to create a shipping label for a specific carrier. For more information on how to do that, please see the Shippo documentation here:

For default carrier you can choose between UPS, FedEx, USPS, and Canada Post

Once you choose a carrier you can select a specific service type for that carrier.

*Note: This is just a default setting. You will have the option later to change the carrier and service type for a specific order if you choose to do so.

Step 6: Select the orders you want to create shipment labels for

Go to the “Orders” page on the Run Free store administration portal. There you can select the orders you want to ship using the checkbox for the order row. Then select the “Send to Shippo” option from the bulk actions dropdown in the right side column.

Step 7: Select the shipping carrier and type for each order

When you select the “Send to Shippo” option from the right side menu you will see a popup appear that will allow you to choose how you wish to ship a specific order. You can either use the default shipment method defined in Step 5, or you can override the default and select an alternate shipment method.

Use the “Next Order” and “Previous Order” buttons to enter details for each individual shipment

Step 8: Enter the parcel size(s) for each shipment

Use the Length/Width/Height/Weight inputs to define the size of the boxes that will be used to ship an order. You must define at least one parcel per order/shipment.

Once you have entered the values for a parcel you must click the “Add Parcel” button to add it to the shipment.

*Note: The values for Length, Width, & Height are in inches. Weight values are in pounds.

Step 9: Submit your Shippo order

Once you have defined the details for all of your orders, on the last page there will be a button that says “Create Shipments”.

Click that button and you will you see a confirmation window asking you if you wish to send the order to Shippo. Select “Yes”.

Step 10: Download your shipping labels from Shippo

Once your order has been submitted to Shippo, you can then go back to the Shippo website and print your shipping labels. To do this go to the following URL:

You may need to log-in to your account if you haven’t already.

From there you should see a list of shipments listed with a “Download” button next to each shipment. Click the “Download” button to view and print your shipping labels.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully created a shipment using Shippo!

Would you like to calculate rates at checkout using shippo as well? It's easy, learn how to configure that in shippo here:

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