Google Marketplace Merchant Add-On

Learn how to integration your Google Merchant Account

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Introduction & Benefits

This amazing add-on allows you to showcase your product and store information to nearby shoppers searching with Google. When shoppers click an ad that shows your local product, they arrive on your local storefront. This is a Google-hosted page for your store or your Run Free Platform landing page if your website meets the necessary requirements. Shoppers use the local storefront to view in-store inventory, see in store hours, get directions to your store(s), and more.

Step 1: Create Account

Go to: Google Merchant Center - Services to Promote Your Products

Click on the “Get started” button

Select “Yes” when prompted “Do you sell your products online?”
Then enter the address of your Run Free Store and click “Continue”:

If you are not signed in to Google, you will be prompted to select a valid Google/Gmail account to associate with your merchant account:

Scroll to the “Create a Google Merchant Center account” button:

Enter Your Business Information, agree to the terms and conditions and click “Create Account:”

Step 2: Enter Business Information

You should see a confirmation that your account was created. Click “Continue” to finish setting up your account.

Enter your business address and phone number:

Then click “Save” and then “Continue”. You should see a confirmation that your information was added:

Step 3: Verify & claim your website

Enter your website address and the select “Upload an HTML file:”

Download the html verification file by clicking the link below:

Download the HTML verification file by clicking the html verification file.

Copy the NAME of the file and open a new tab with your Run Free online store. After logging in to your administration section, tap the settings gear in the upper right corner and select SEO from the dropdown. On the SEO page you'll notice a box specifically for Google verification in the upper right of the page. Simply copy and paste the full file name into this field and tap save. Example: googled1f68d8f8c804542.html

Then, toggle back to your open Google Merchant tab, and click the “Verify Website” button:

Select “Claim Website” from the following screen. You should then see the following confirmation screen:

Setup Shipping

Enter the source location for your shipping, and select a provider:

Step 4: Add Your Product Feed

Select “Add multiple products at once” from the selectable options:

Enter your Country, Language, and then select “Free listings” as a destination:

Give your store feed a name, and then select “Scheduled Fetch” from the options below:

Enter “google.csv” for the file name.

Select “Daily” for the frequency.

Select “12:00 AM” for the fetch time.

Select select your time zone.

Then, select “Create feed.”

On the next screen select “Fetch Now” to get the initial export of products from your store:

Step 5: Review Google policies and submit for review.

Once submitted, Google will take some time to crawl your store and grab the appropriate information. After that is completed, you'll be provided with a list of product listings that meet their standards, and those that don't. Use Google's interface to modify and/or fix any listings that don't meet their content policies or require additional information.


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