Managing News Posts

How to Create and Edit News Posts

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In order to navigate to your News Postings, you’ll login to your Admin Dashboard, click on the Loyalty tab, and choose Manage News.

This will display all your news postings, as well as their set expiration dates. If you wish to edit or delete any of the news posts, you will click the blue arrow on the right of that specific line item. You can then add pictures, titles, descriptions and expiration dates to any post!

News posts can be used to promote store activities such as sales, customer recognition, store recognition and awards, upcoming run clubs, or anything else you want your clientele to know about!

We do realize it can be confusing deciding whether something is an 'Event' item or a 'News' item within the app. A good rule of thumb for differentiating between News and Events, is that you don't give points for News; you do give points for events.

We are excited to see all the news that surrounds your stores, and are even more excited that your customers will be able to see it as well! If we can help you be more comfortable with this process at all, please let us know in the chat! We love being part of your success!

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