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How to Create and Manage Events

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To get to the Manage Events section, you’ll login to your Admin Dashboard, click on the Loyalty tab, and choose Manage Events. Here you will see a list of events with their corresponding date/time, location, and reward points. There is a drop down menu where you can choose to view 'Past Events', 'Future Events,' or 'All Events.' Once an event has passed, it will automatically relocate to the 'Past Events' section.

If you wish to edit or delete a specific event, click on the blue action button. While editing an event you will have the option to to set the Name, Date, Time/Time Zone, and how many reward points the event is worth. Along with many other editable details, you will see the ability to toggle on/off GPS Check-In, as well as QR Code Check-In.

Organizing event check-ins can be hectic, so we've tried to give you a few options in addition to your traditional check-in methods. By turning on GPS Check-In, attendees will be able to check-in via the app as long as they are within a certain time and radius of the event. If you choose to turn on QR Code Check-In you are able to print a unique QR code auto-created for this event, that customers can scan upon arrival.

Events require an event image so that they can be displayed in various places across your website, ecommerce store, and mobile app. We suggest using images with 1800 x 700 pixels that do not contain text (i.e. use a background image) because event image displays vary quite a bit depending on the place and device you're viewing the event on. For example, the two screens from the mobile app below utilize the same event image to render the user experience:

Finally, there are text boxes where you are able to fill in an entire event description, as well as include an event waiver. If an event waiver is included, customers will be prompted to Accept the conditions of the waiver prior to checking-in.

Before saving your event, we recommend using the View Preview feature. This allows you to see the finished product of your event, before it goes live. After previewing it, you can hit Save, and, just like that, it is available for customers to see in the palm of their hands.

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