Managing Redemptions

How to Manage Redemption Amounts and View Reward Redemptions

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To get to the Manage Redemptions section, you’ll login to your Admin Dashboard, click on the Loyalty tab, and choose Manage Redemptions.

At the top of the page you will see a section called Redemption Amounts, where you are able to set a corresponding gift card value for a select number of points.

This is where you are able to decide how much each grouping of points is worth in reward dollars.

The next section you will see is Recent Redemptions. In this section you will see a list of each customer that has redeemed a gift card, along with the gift card amount that was redeemed, and their gift card code. Keep in mind, this is NOT a list of gift cards used, this is simply a list of gift cards 'bought' with reward points.

We know that implementing a reward system can be tricky; we are here to help! Let us know in the blue chat box if you need any assistance or clarification.

Happy Rewarding!!

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