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Viewing Recent Rewards and Adjusting Points
Viewing Recent Rewards and Adjusting Points

How to View Your Customer Reward Logs and Adjust Points

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Keeping track of your customers’ rewards doesn’t have to be difficult! We have incorporated a way for you to keep track and view all recent reward activity.

To view the Rewards Log, you’ll login to your Admin Dashboard, click on the Loyalty tab, and choose Manage Rewards. When you scroll to the bottom of the page you will arrive at a section labeled Recent Rewards.

In this section you will see a running log of customers who have had any change in Reward Points. This will include, point redemption, points earned, and points added or removed by an admin.

If you need to adjust a customer’s points you will go directly to their profile by clicking Customers > clicking the Blue Arrow by the customer’s name > selecting Edit. This will bring up their detailed profile, where you will choose the red Adjust Points button. A box will appear that will allow you to add or remove the point amount of your choice, as well as leave a description for both you and the customer to see.

Once this is complete, the point adjustment will appear in your Reward Log, as well as be reflected on the customer’s profile, which is visible to that customer.

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