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Manage Your Reward Structure

Choose How Your Reward System is Structured

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One of the personalization features of the Run Free app is the ability to manage and structure your reward system. Nobody knows your clientele as well as you, so you are able to create a unique system that benefits both your customers and your brand! While creating an entire reward system may sound daunting, we have taken the brunt of the work on ourselves, leaving you with just the fun details left to iron out.

To get started, you’ll login to your Admin Dashboard, click on the Loyalty tab, and choose Manage Rewards. This will bring you to a section labeled Rewards Levels.

Here, you are able to choose the name for each of your 5 loyalty tiers along with the threshold of points each tier covers- Level 1 being the newest, and Level 5 being the most regarded level of loyalty. For example, Newbie > Bronze > Silver > Gold > Platinum. Or Tryouts > Junior Varsity > Varsity > Minor Leagues > Major Leagues.

Once your loyalty levels are set, you are able to choose a corresponding color for each level. There is also an optional text box to create an email to the customer when they bump up to a higher loyalty level. This may be something encouraging, something with a call to action, or both! An easy and generic message might be, “Hi X, Congratulations on reaching the Gold Milestone! We would love to have you stop by our store so we can congratulate you with 10% off an apparel item!”

Reward Points vs Miles

We are thrilled to see the level of creativity each store reaches within the app! We hope this is a fun and rewarding experience not only for your customers, but for you as well! If you need any assistance with this process, feel free to reach out to us via the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner of your admin screen!

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