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Managing Your Retail Reviews

How to See and Approve Retail Store Reviews

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One of the quickest ways to get the word out about your spectacular retail service and products is through online reviews. Our reviews feature allows customers to leave reviews for specific items they purchased through your store, and gives you the ability to read and approve them before they are made public!

To leave a review, all a customer needs to do is find the particular item they would like to review on your E-commerce platform, and click the Reviews tab.

They will then be prompted to choose a star rating (1-5) from a drop-down menu, as well as leave any additional comments. Once they have completed their review, they click Submit.

When a review is submitted it can be found in your Run Free admin dashboard for approval. You will click Manage Inventory and then click the Reviews tab. Any new pending reviews will be shown with a red 'alert' dot on the top right side of the tab.

When in the Pending Reviews tab, select the dot on the left of the review you'd like to approve or delete, and choose an action from the drop-down menu on the right side. You can also change the actions of reviews in bulk by clicking multiple reviews and using the dropdown at the very top of the item list bracket.

Approved reviews will be stored in the Reviews tab. The capability to change the actions of a review at any time is available by going to Manage Inventory > Reviews > Reviews.

When a review is approved, customers will see it at the bottom of the product page, of the item they approved!

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