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How to find links directly to a category, sub-category, or brand of products within your online store

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You may have thought that life would be easier if you were able to send customers links to particular groupings within your store. Or maybe you've thought how convenient it would be to include a specific product group link with a social media post...well, you can!! You are able to link directly to categories, sub-categories, and brands! We promise it is easier than it sounds!

All you have to do is go to the Manage Inventory Tab > Brands (or Categories) > Find the brand/category you want to link to > Action > View. That will take you to the static URL for that group.

You also have the capability to inject a search into a URL by appending the shop URL with /shop#search= followed by the search term, where spaces are replaced with %20. For example, if you wanted to send someone to all of the Specific Products at Your Store, you could use this url:

By using these options, you are able to send someone directly to a grouping of products with just one click from them! Happy Linking!!

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