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RunFree as a data source for Facebook/Instagram Marketplace

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If you are familiar...

with the details around using an external data feed to integrate a thrid-party system into Facebook/Instagram Marketplace you probably just need to know what the URL for the feed is. One important thing to note, make sure when asked that you have the system only update once a day, early in the morning. Although the beta will allow more updates, once we turn the integrations live the account will error if it tries to hit the server too many times.

The Url for your feed is:

https://[YOUR DOMAIN]/api/export/facebook.csv

Replace [YourDomain] with your shop url, e.g. shop.yoursite.com

No username or password is required.

If you are new to Facebook/Instagram Data Feeds, follow these steps to continue.

Important Notice!

If you already set up your Meta Commerce shop and have received a large number of errors from Meta Commerce that include warnings such as "missing size", the most likely culprit is an incorrect checkout method selection setting in your Meta Commerce shop settings. Please see the instructions below to fix.

As of June 5, 2023, when you create your "Shop" Facebook and Instagram will default to "Checkout using Facebook or Instagram". We DO NOT support this configuration (it makes you use their checkout system where they take a large percentage of your sale and breaks the direct POS sync).

When you get to this setting, be sure to select "Checkout on another website".

If you're forced to use "Checkout on Facebook or Instagram" during shop creation, you should change the checkout method to "Checkout on another website" after setup. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Meta Commerce Manager site and select your shop

  2. In the left-hand menu, click Settings.

  3. Click Checkout method

  4. Find the checkout method you want to update and click the gear wheel

  5. Choose the checkout method you want. You can see details about each checkout method in the dropdown

  6. Click Change in the top-right

  7. Follow the steps to complete your change to "Checkout on another website"

  8. Click Confirm

Once your "Shop" is setup, continue to import your feed via the Commerce Manager. Under "Catalogs" click "Add Catalog"

For "Select Type" use "Ecommerce"and "Products"

Select "Upload Product Info" and give your feed a recognizable name.

Click to "View Catalog" then proceed to the "Data Sources" link.

Select "Data Feed" and click "Next"

Select that you are "Ready" and click "Next"

Enter your personal URL to your feed replacing the highlighted URL below. At this time you do not need to enter a username and password.

Make sure to not schedule more than one update a day in order to ensure your feed does not get throttled, and set the update to occur early in the morning.

Appropriately name the data feed and click the "Upload" button.

The upload could take some time depending on the size of your completed product catalog in Run Free.

A report of "Issues" will be created letting you know different ways you can improve your product catalog. These are not issues from the RunFree Platform, but instead, they are issues with data that was provided to the platform that gets modified on our side and will update and improve with each nights data feed.

Once completed you can manage all of your products and how they display within Facebook. The information and product availability will be updated nightly.

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