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Manage Digital Gift Cards

Turn on Digital Gift Cards for your store

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Meet Digital Gift Cards

Say goodbye to manual creation, postage, and the cost of physical gift cards for online orders. Our new digital gift card automates the process from start to finish. Setup is a breeze.

Manage Gift Card Settings

Navigate to Settings > Manage Gift Cards by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner of the administrator dashboard to manage your store's Digital Gift Card settings. Here you'll see a preview of what your card will look like, auto-created using your store's branding colors and header logo. The platform allows customers to select any value they like for the gift card, but if you'd like to set a high or low limit on value, do so here. To turn on digital gift cards for your store just toggle on "Allow dynamic Gift Card Sales" and tap save.

Navigate to your storefront, you'll now see a new "Gift Cards" link present on your shop navigation.

Purchasing a Digital Gift Card

The digital gift cards page allows customers to pick the amount, choose email to a friend or themselves, and even include a gift message. A customer can add it to their cart and checkout like any other item. Note: Digital gift cards are hardcoded to be tax-free and do not charge shipping by default.

What Happens's After Purchase?

After checkout, the platform automatically sends congratulations to that lucky someone replete with their name, custom message, gift card code, a link to shop, and even a scan for in-store redemption. The purchaser gets a standard shop receipt confirmation with the gift code and message for their records.

What do I, the store need to do?

The best part is the gift card code is automatically generated and set up as a gift card credit in your POS. You've also already been paid via your payment gateway. No work required on your end; just mark complete - no notification - and your job is done.

NOTE: Digital Gift Card orders will not show up in the orders or tickets section of your POS. These are created as a future credit using your POS's gift card creation API, like an in-store gift card would be. As such, they have no SKU and aren't included as part of the POS order. You can find them in the POS to check the balance via the normal gift card section. You can also reference the order in Run Free at any time.

Linking to Gift Cards from Your Homepage

If you'd like to link to your Digital Gift Cards from multiples places on your site besides the main menu just use your URL:

If you use the custom homepage builder, linking to gift cards from a slider or category tile is as easy as pasting the URL.

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