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Manage Content Areas

Manage Customer Facing Content Areas

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The Run Free Platform enables you to edit all content pages associated with your virtual storefront, such as your store's FAQ (frequently asked questions), Returns Policy, Privacy Policy, and more. Navigate to Layout in the top navigation menu > Content tab as shown below:

Content areas include:

  • FAQ & Returns

  • Mobile App: FAQs

  • Mobile App: Privacy Policy

  • Mobile App: Terms of Use

  • Privacy Policy

  • Return Prompt

  • Size Chart

  • Template: Footer

  • Terms of Service

Add/Edit New Content

Tap the "Add Content" Button to set up any new content areas for your digital storefront. In most cases, we'll have already set these up for you during onboarding. To make changes just tap the action menu, and select edit to update your store's content. The platform uses a powerful open source content editor, which allows you to easily format text, pictures, links, videos, and more. For more details read up at CKEditor.

Add/Edit External Widgets, Tracking Codes, etc.

The Template: Footer content type should be selected if you'd like to add tracking codes that aren't natively included on the SEO Settings page, scripts for a Mailchimp popup, the Facebook Messenger widget, Intercom, accessibility tools like UserWay, or just about anything else that instructs you to insert a code snippet (usually JavaScript) in the header or footer of a website.

Simply click Add Content and choose Template: Footer from the dropdown. Then, give it a meaningful title (something like Tracking Codes and Scripts). If you already have a Template: Footer content page created, open it in edit mode instead.

In the main text box on the Template: Footer's Create Content page dialog box, simply paste the necessary code snippet(s). If you are adding more than one code snippet, add a blank line (by hitting enter or return twice at the end of the last line of code) and then paste it after the previous code snippet (and repeat if necessary). An example of multiple code snippets in the Template: Footer page is shown below (right click, open in new tab to view details):

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