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Manage Which Users Have Access to Certain Areas of the Platform

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With great power comes great responsibility!

The Run Free platform enables you to create admin accounts and define roles for each of your employees. The purpose of this functionality is to give your employees the ability to utilize the platform while limiting visibility to certain parts of the admin side of your eCommerce store.

Examples of roles you might define are:

  • You want cashiers to only have access to customer records

  • You want warehouse employees to only have access to orders

  • You want your social media manager to only have access to layout functionality

  • etc.

How to Manage Administrators

Navigate to Settings > Manage Administrators to add, edit, and delete platform users (not customers); managing who has access to make edits and changes to your virtual storefront. 

Add a New Administrator

Tap the "Add New Admin" Button to invite an administrator. Enter their Email, First and Last Name, and select a Role Type. Then choose whether to auto-generate a password or set one yourself.

An invite email will automatically be sent to the new admin with their password. Should the invite email go to their spam folder, you can set their password yourself to pass along to them directly. They should be instructed to change it themselves once they log into the platform.

Roles, Privileges, and Access

When creating a new administrator account, you will be prompted to "Select Access" as shown in the example dialog box above. Areas highlighted in red indicate that the selected admin will be restricted from having access, while areas highlighted in green indicate they will be granted access to those sections.

In the example above, the admin will be able to access Products, Orders, and Customers but will be restricted from accessing the Dashboard, Loyalty, Layout, and Settings areas.

Ultimately, Administrators are defined by one of three Role Types:

  1. Site Owner: The site owner role is considered the store owner or highest administrator level. This role has access to any and all functions of the platform.

  2. Employee: The employee role can be as flexible as you like. It allows you to enable or restrict each employee's access to various platform areas. Such as:

    1. Dashboard

    2. Product Management

    3. Order Management

    4. Customer Management

    5. Loyalty App Management

    6. Layout and Content

    7. Settings

  3. Set as Customer: Set former employees to this to remove permissions who may still have or need customer accounts.

Editing an Existing Administrator

Editing existing administrator details is easy. Simply select the action menu and tap edit to pop the details modal and change their email address, name, roles and access, or set a new password.


If you've demoted an administrator to customer (by removing their administrator account or selecting set as customer), it can be a bit confusing when trying to promote them back to administrator status. Follow these simple steps to make it work:

  1. From the Manage Administrators page click Add New Admin

  2. Enter the user's email address. If their email address is already assigned to a customer account, the other fields on the Add New Admin modal will gray out.

  3. Select the Role dropdown to the right of the email address field, then choose the appropriate role (employee, site owner, etc.)

  4. Set the user's access using the process outlined previously

  5. Save

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