Dashboard Overview

Your Digital Storefront at a Glance

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The dashboard is the summary landing page you'll see when you log into the administrator's side of the platform. It's meant to give you a snapshot of your digital storefront at a glance. We'll be adding a lot more analytics and insights to this over time. For now, we tried to focus on critical actionable items such as recent orders, out of stock alerts, and most viewed items. 

Tap "Dashboard" on the menu bar to view your summary at any time.

Pending Orders

This section allows you to quickly access any pending orders and take action on their status right from the dashboard.

Most Viewed Items

This interactive visual pie chart illustrates some of your most viewed inventory. Tapping on any slice will pop an animated view with more details.

Inventory Alerts

Similar to data available by filtering the inventory page, this section shows you a quick list of any items that are recently out of stock, should you want to order more or remove them from the platform.

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